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A Day In the Life of the Chronically Disorganized

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By Kimara - Posted on 18 October 2012

NOTE: I'm back! To all my friends that use to follow me here, I hope you will find your way back to the fold. I've missed you all :)


Me: Tim, have you seen my to-do list?

Tim: What's it look like?

Me: Like a piece of paper with stuff written on it. ((Geeze!))

Tim: Can you be more specific?

Me: No. I can't remember if I wrote it on the back of an envelope or on a blank piece of paper.

Tim: ((Rifling through one of my piles.)) Found it!

Me: ((Inspecting the list)) ((Heavy sigh)) That's an old list.

Tim: Then why don't you throw it out?

Me: Because I haven't done everything on this list. ((Getting a little preturbed))

Tim: Am I done here?

Me: Sure.

At this point I grab a new piece of paper. And I, of course, start a new to-do list.

1. Find all of my other to-do lists and combine them.

This is a typical day in the life of a disorganized person... or at least THIS disorganized person! Don't get me wrong. I get a lot done... perhaps more than your bear (Yogi, anyone?) but I admire, nah, I am envious of organized people. I've got to believe they get more done. I tend to do what is historically referred to as "spinning my wheels", although I'm not sure as to the wheels of which they speak. (Note to self: look up the etymology of that phrase.)

Anyway... I soooo want to be organized. Tim, God love this perfect human being, has done lots of project managing. So, as always, I turn to him.

Me: Please help me get organized. I get so overwhelmed some days I wind up curled in the fetal position, sucking my thumb, and do nothing.

Tim: Okay, what I want you to do is to sit down and make a list of ten things you need to accomplish. BTW... I've never seen you suck your thumb.

Me: Figure of speech. Anyway, I have way more than 10 things I need to do.

Tim: ((Dropping a stack of 3 x 5 cards on the table.)) Doesn't matter. Just list the first 10 things you think about. Chances are they will be the most important and the ones you should tackle first.

Me: Hey, do you want to take a drive with me to Staples?

Tim: What do you need to go to Staples for?

Me: Well, if I'm going to have stacks of 3 x 5 cards, I need somewhere to put them. As a matter of fact, I should go to Michaels. It would be so cute to get a wooden box to keep them in. It would be adorable if I painted the box to look like a steamtrunk. I think saw something like that on the net. ((Turning to me computer.))

Tim: Am I done here?

Me: ((Lost in Pinterest)) Huh?

So, be honest... are you the super organized type that would make my mouth drool or do you tend to leave post-it notes everywhere, then use them to blow your nose if you run out of kleenex?



Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone's day. - Marla Ahlgrimm

It is one of the things that can make people productive. - Nova Publishers

Nope....not one of the organized. I thoroughly relate to your story of losing the To Do lists. Story of my days. Your actions after DHs suggestion of the cards to list ...... just what I would have done. LOL

I can identify with you! My dh is always picking things up and asking "what is your plan for this?" My reply is always " I'm going to do so and so when I get around to it" he has given me many small round objects which he calls "round to-its" so I won't have an excuse. LOL He is amoung the uber organized...

SO funny coming from you - too true for me too :)

You are one of the most creative souls I have ever known. So you have issues with lists, piles and I remember a storage unit, but hey, that's why you have organized friends like me. Miss ya lots but am really looking forward to reading this again. Since I'm not a crafter (Wee Folk Art) I didn't follow you all of the time. Since I've created a generation, I guess that means I fit right in again on this blog. Can't wait to read the stories you've lived and created with the family. Maybe I can sit down and drink a cup of coffee (with you long distance)and chill just like we use to do at your house. Miss ya lots!!

I would be thrilled to reconnect... even though it is long distance. We were in each other's lives for some very good and some not so good moments, and I will always treasure our friendship. I am also hoping that the next time I take an extended visit to Madison, you may be able to come for a visit, or perhaps meet half way for lunch. Chat soon :)

For sure...just let me know when.

I am so resembling that conversation and dh is the spitting image of Tim. lol.

Hey, I need you to put a subscribe thing on this blog so when you post it will be sent to my email. Pretty please put that on your to-do list. :) thanks!

Love the blog!!

Hehe... actually... it's not on my to-do list... it's on Tim's, so we actually stand a chance of getting a "subscribe" up and functioning in the near future! Hope to "see" and "hear" from you frequently as One Gen rezs up.

Thank you! I enjoyed that post. You are so on the money on this - I think most of us are like you.
Here's my attempt at getting organized....I have a daytimer. In it are post-it notes. One will say 'change bed linen', another will say 'wash livingroom drapes' and so on. I figure that when I do the chore I can repost the note for the next time it needs doing (this way I don't have to remember when I last washed the drapes, just wait for the post-it note to appear on the correct day).'s much too easy to just move the post-it note to next week or next month. Needless to say, not much gets done. We all mean well with our lists and notes, but truth is it's more fun to go to Staples for organizing supplies and to Michaels to decorate those supplies!
Thanks for the great post!

In the beginning scene in the movie Romancing the Stone the heroine just finished her latest novel. She's all choked up, tears are streaming down her face. She looks around for a tissue. All the Kleenex boxes are empty, the toilet paper is gone. On the fridge she sees a post-it that says "Buy Kleenex". She blows her nose in it. I write post-it notes all the time and place them on the cupboard above my computer. Often, they become the recipient of a defunct piece of gum... but I soldier on :)

Looking at wee folk I thought you were "one of them".
And lord help me try to clean my house with anyone home. My mother always said " write it down and you wont forget it, and I tell her if I write it down I will forget were I put it. I never would have guessed you disorganized.

Blogs are all smoke and mirrors. You see what the blogger wishes to share. See a perfect room in the photo? Ask the photographer to turn around and take a picture, and you'll see all the junk from the other room has been pushed outside the lens of the camera. It's not like we are trying to be intentionally deceitful, we are just presenting one facet of our lives ;) Personally, every now and then I like to 'fess up, I think it's good for my soul. Truly, here on One Gen, you will get a hearty dose of my reality. Hope you become a regular :)

It is so nice to know that there are others like me! Thanks for sharing. We laughed hysterically...not at you and Tim, but at the picture of us we saw in your story.

I would say "misery loves company" but I'm not miserable :) So, I'll just say it's awesome to connect up with kindred spirits! Hope you visit often!

ha ha, that sounds just like something I would do! I've sat down so many times to organize all my to-do lists, only to get distracted by another related project, ending in an hour spent searching blogs and looking at pinterest! I like your husband's idea about starting with the first 10 things that come to mind. I've been reading WFA for a long time now, and am sure this blog will be a great read as well :)

Welcome :) I do hope you share your name next time so we can get acquainted "proper". BTW... I haven't gotten around to the 3 x 5s yet, although I do believe it's a great idea!

Too funny. My hubby actually uses the words on me "Am I done here". I think I popped out of my mom with a to do list going, and I think there are probably some things on that list I still haven't finish. I really don't think of myself as disorganized but I can get sidetracked easily. We were planning our first dinner for friends last year. Wanting to be proper and all I looked up silverware placement on the net. I wound up at a site that had how to fold napkins. Needless to say, there went an afternoon of my life!

Good luck on One Generation. Think I'm going to like it here. Plan on poking around your archive when I get a chance. Who am I kidding? Going to eat lunch in front of the screen and read!

Hehe... yes, I'm disorganized AND easily distractible... great combo! I tend to have the attention span of a tot :) Hope you learned to fold awesome napkins. It's a great way to entertain children at restaurants if nothing else :)

I have always enjoyed your writing on Wee Folk Art. I can't wait until I have the time to start going through your archives! You seem to be providing me with yet another distraction. Which works well into your posting today. I am VERY organized on the outside. Another words, my house is clean, my cabinets organized, my gardens mulched but I am so easily distracted. I check my email, follow a link, and 45 minutes later I come up for air. I am awful at organizing errands. I write the to-do lists and God knows where they wind up. So I'm running around town, hoping I do everything I'm suppose to.

Good luck on unretiring One Generation to Another. I am lookiong forward to many lovely moments here !

Errand running can be the worst! I hate it when I get home and actually forgot the 1 thing I set out to do :) Hope you continue to enjoy the reads and stop by often :)


I am soooo like you. I start one thing and then I off on something else. I can never just do one thing from start to finish. Now a days, this is called "attention deficit syndrom". Back in the day it was called being lazy and not focused. Oh well, made it this far in my life, I guess I will just muddle on. Love that you are restarting this blog. Never read before, but do read Wee Folk Art all the time. I will be here following you, but first, where is that piece of material for.........

:) Yes... you do understand me! Well, I hope you don't get sidetracked the next time you come to visit me! I'm very excited to be writing again, and have a long and mighty list of topics I want to chat about.