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By Kimara - Posted on 11 March 2008

            We just got back from a wonderful 4 day weekend visiting with my son and daughter-in-law Wisconsin. Although at times restful, we were on the go a lot and ate more than our fair share of cheese! We returned to a house full of pets and grandchildren that thought we were gone for a month! Believe me, its lovely being missed! But it’s now Monday night, and I’m due to post my weekly blog tomorrow morning. I sat down to begin writing it, and when I realized I began with the definition of “weary” and “trudging” I decided tonight WAS NOT the night to write a blog! So, bear with me…give me a day…and I’ll get my blog posted on Wednesday. (Egads…I feel like I’m back in high school explaining to my uninspired creative writing teacher why I didn’t finish my last assignment!) Anyway, have a lovely day, I’ll try to get a great night’s sleep, and I promise to be “perkier” the next time I sit down to write. Until tomorrow! 

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When I'm tired, I don't write because nothing will come up to my head. When I'm weary, I also don't write.
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There are moments in my life too that I feel the same way. Writing is passion and happiness but being burned out is uncontrollable. - Flemings Ultimate Garage

Nope Candy, didn't make it up that far. They live in Madison. It's incredible there! We also went to the museum in Milwaukee to see the Body World exhibit. It was very interesting, but it did weird me out! Anyway...I love Wisconsin. Truly is a beautiful state!

Where in WI? I doubt you were anywhere near me, or Michelle would have let me know her brother lived close(I'm in the NW corner of the state) But I hope you had a great visit in my state! And we'll let you slide just this once...

Ah, yes...a good night's sleep! Got my idea for the blog, so good to go! "See ya" all tomorrow!

HeHe! Hope you got some sleep and are feeling perky! BTW you probably passed very close to us if you went through Illinois. I'm a Chicago gal! Looking forward to your blog tomorrow! Now, what to do with my morning :)

Ummm...cheese curds....yummy. Sounds like a good time! So, not only traveling but a time change! You're probably exhausted. But it was sunny when I made dinner nice.


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