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By Kimara - Posted on 15 April 2008

            Okay, it’s been raining for so long you're beginning to wish you hadn’t laughed at Noah! It’s not that you mind the rain…the lakes are low, there was a drought last summer, now Mother Nature is bestowing a moist elixir upon a parched earth! You know that this will help wake up the perennials in the garden and nothing beats the smell of a fresh crop of worms on the driveway! (Ugh!) The only problem is the incarcerated inmates, formerly known as your children, are getting restless. You’ve got two options. First, go crazy and take them with you or second, come up with some activities to soothe the wild beasts. A couple of months ago we talked about snow day activities, now it’s time to talk about what to do when it’s raining and there’s no relief in site!


When you can go outside:


Kick off your shoes and quack like a duck! If weather conditions are safe…another words NO lightning…go outside for a while. Few things will stick in your child’s memory like a slosh in a puddle! Take time to notice how different nature looks in the rain…tree branches droop, flowers close up, and animals are suspiciously missing. Talk about where they’ve gone. If it’s warm enough, walk barefoot in puddles, splash, and squish. If it’s too chilling, tromp around in your puddle stompers, raincoats and umbrellas. Float stuff in puddles, make bridges over downspout “rivers”, or simply waddle around like a duck!


When you can’t go outside:


Make indoor “mud pies” for birds. Combine equal parts of peanut butter and cornmeal. Add a little honey or lard. (Always mix peanut butter with something else when feeding birds or they can choke.) When the children are done “mooshing” it, scrap it off their fingers, and have them pat the concoction into a pie pan (or anything else you are willing to set outside) and sprinkle with sunflower seeds, peanuts, or another bird delectable like chopped fruit. When the rain stops, the pie can be set outside for our feathered friends.  


Need a way to constructively use up some of their enviously endless supply of energy? Rainy days are great days to come down with a bad case of “Dance Fever”. Turn on your favorite music and dance with your kids. Teach them “your” dances. Hmmm…how long has it been since you did the Macarena? Forget the moves or need some music…try In “my day” we did the twist, the mash potato, and the pony. (All available on!) Into Country/Western music? Teach them a little line dance. Want really high energy movement? Play anything from the 80s! (A favorite of mine is the mock video, “Pop Goes My Heart” from Music and Lyrics.) All music is great…just rock ‘til you drop!


Go on an indoor scavenger hunt. Simply make up a list of things kids need to find in the house. (If you live in a multi story house, make sure to request things that will require some serious stair climbing!) Make the items enigmas that they need to figure out. For younger children suggestions might be: A vegetable that is yellow, a toy that squeaks, something with words in it, things that keeps our feet warm. For older children: $4.73 minus 3.97 in coins, a book with the word “forest” in it, something that gets wetter the more it dries (a towel), something that is black and white and red all over (a newspaper). You get the idea. (In anticipation of a scavenger hunt write down ideas as you think of them. When you’re ready to play, you’ll have a reservoir of ideas to pull from.)


Make your favorite cookies. Here is a favorite of ours:





1/2 cup peanut butter

1/2 cup butter, softened

1/2 cup granulated sugar

1/2 cup firmly packed light brown sugar

1 egg

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

1 cup flour



Cream together the peanut butter and butter; beat in the two sugars and then stir in the remaining ingredients. Arrange by teaspoonfuls on baking sheets. Press flat with a fork. Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes. Makes about 40 cookies.


Watch rain puddles. When we were children my mom told us that the rain hitting the puddles looked like cowboys riding broncos in the rodeo and the “bubbles” were steers. (She was from central Texas, what can I say?) Watch the rain with your children. Ask them what they think a heavy rain looks like. Have them draw pictures depicting their image of rain in puddles. Talk about the phrase “raining cats and dogs”. Have them come up with ideas as to the source of that expression. (Although the true origin is not certain, it is suspected that it makes reference to the filth and open sewers that existed in 17th and 18th century London. Dead animals, including cats and dogs, were often allowed the rot on the side of the roads. When a very heavy rain descended, the water washed their corpses down the streets, usually ending up in the river! Obviously, you won’t want to share this grisly image with young children, but older children might find it fascinating!) Have them come up with their own idioms and use them in the future! (I love anything esoteric that finds its way into a family’s vernacular. I’ll spend a whole blog talking about that one day! Remember the term “red car”!) If your children are interested in other idioms try It’s fun learning about the origin of phrases. (Caution: I have not read all the entries so I cannot vouch for the site’s appropriateness. I had not found anything offensive in the entries I read.)


If you have contact paper, construction paper, and tissue paper available (might want to stock up in anticipation) make stained glass raindrops. Trace a raindrop shape (about 6” x 9”) on blue construction paper. Using 2 pieces of paper at the same time cut around the outside of the shape, then cut out the inside to create a 1” frame around the edge of the raindrop. (You will need to do this for young children.) Cut 2 pieces of contact paper slightly larger than the shape. Place one of the raindrop frames directly on one piece of contact paper. Rip or cut blue and white tissue paper into little pieces. Place them inside the shape. When you’ve covered most of the open space, lay the second frame over the first, making sure they line up exactly. Cover the raindrop with the remaining piece of contact paper. Cut away the excess contact paper, making sure to leave a quarter inch around the entire outside to hold it together. Punch a hole in the top and hang in a window. Create an entire downpour!




So, it’s rainy and dreary…pretend like you are somewhere else! Have a picnic on the floor of your living room, teddy bears invited! Create caves and tunnels using tables, chairs and blankets and go spelunking! Flashlights are a must! Is it 45 degrees and rainy? Have older children use or your favorite weather site, and find areas of the world that are experiencing the “perfect” weather day. (78 degrees and sunny?) Make sure they check areas in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres!


Grab a sketch pad and a few colored pencils and head out to your local nursery. Your spring garden may just be waking up, but at the larger nurseries, they’re well into planting. Wander the hothouses. Observe the seedlings. Check out their cacti quarters! Have your child sketch plants they like. Make sure they include the name of the plant and date. Later, you may wish to include these plants in your garden. It you don’t have a local nursery open at this time, go to an on-line site and check out flowers. MSU has a great site, and a great garden, for children. Have them sketch gardens they see on-line.


Create a Rosetta Stone. On a piece of paper list the letters of the alphabet. Next to each letter place a simple symbol to represent that letter. Now write a message to your child using this code. Give them the “Rosetta Stone” and have them decipher the code. Older children can create their own code. Who knows…maybe this can become your family’s own secret code enabling family members to write notes to one another using hieroglyphics!


Curl up and read a good book. Picture book suggestions for the day: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, by Judi Barrett; Come On, Rain! by Karen Hesse; Bartholomew and the Oobleck, by Dr. Seuss; or Thunder Cake by Patricia Polacco. Older children might enjoy: The Magic School Bus Kicks Up a Storm by Anne Capeci; The Rain Fairy (Rainbow Magic: The Weather Fairies, No. 7) by Daisy Meadows and, of course, the granddaddy of all storms…The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum.


If you read Thunder Cake, bake a cake!


If you haven’t already, introduce your children to the wonderful world of “musicals”. Kids are naturally drawn to music and the movie musicals are a wonderful way to introduce the theater since many are based on Broadway plays. In anticipation of a good rain get a copy of the DVD Singing in the Rain with Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O’Connor. My parents loved in when it first came out, we loved it as children, as did my children, and now my grandchildren adore it!


Take a nap! Rainy days have a way of lulling us to sleep!


What were some of your favorite rainy day activities as a child? Do you think they would translate well to kids today? If you have children what rainy day activities do you do together?

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I totally agree of these activities that we can do on rainy days. Of course, I like cooking the most. - Dony McGuire

Thanks to all for your comments. I always love hearing from you. I know there are lots of other people that regularly read the blog. This is not a closed group. Everyone is invited...nay...encouraged to join in :) Cheryl...I love the change idea. That's an incredible way to start children learning about money. Sarah...when I was growing up I lived in Homewood...not far from Chicago. Boy, did I learn about tornados living there! We spent many nights sleeping in the basement, listening to sirens! Anything you can do to lessen the fear for your children is great! Candy...watching movies curled up on the couch is one of my favorite "bad weather" things to do. I seldom watch t.v...there are so many other things I like to do...but chilly rainy days, especially in the fall, make me want to settle in with a good movie! Lisa...I'll take just about any reason to read! I'm the kind of person that usually has 5-10 books going at once! Catch up time is always relished! Michelle...long after you guys stop playing the spider web game, I'd find pieces of yarn still wrapped around things. It was lovely :) Tina...I really do love my house and yard, but dearly wish I had a screened in porch! I'm very envious. It's that halfway point that allows you to out-of-doors in just about any weather. And Tim...all I can say is it's a wonder any of you guys made it to adulthood! Playing tag with lightning....geeze!

What an amazing list of fun ideas - for rain or shine! We've actually been having some wonderful weather this week, so no opportunities for being bored inside! Although, I'm lucky enough that my kids have fun indoors or outdoors, so rainy days are usually not a problem here. Michelle's mention of their spider web game is funny because Jack was doing that same thing all by himself in our foyer a few weeks ago. Except he just enjoyed wrapping the yard around everything and didn't get past that to the game playing portion. Of course, it was NOT cheapie yarn, LOL! He was having fun though. I also love the Rosetta Stone idea for when they get older.

I love to play/walk in the rain, so that rarely deters me from going outside. We just throw on the rain boots, rain coats and rain pants and we're good to go! Rain pants are key though. Nothing worse than a wet bum!

We have a screened porch, and when it's raining (but warm), I like to sit out there and play games, read, eat, etc. It's nice to be in the rain without actually being "in" the rain sometimes.

I don't recall if I mentioned before, but I have three brothers and six sisters. That made for a pretty full house when we were kids. Needless to say, if the temperature outside was the least bit warm enough, my mother would rather deal with another load of wet and muddy clothes at the end of the day then all of us inside, restless.

One game we played - would clear part of the garage so we could run in and out. If it was lightning, we would wait for a flash, run out in the rain and back in before the thunder. The trick was to be the last one back in, before the thunder. If you we caught outside, you were out and the game continued with the survivors. Oh, yes - while waiting, you did stay out in the rain.

If there wasn't lightning, we were usually at the street, in the gutters building dams and barricades, trying to keep the rain from reaching the sewer grate. If we were really lucky, a car would drive by and send up a rooster tail in our man-made "street lake" and soak us even more thoroughly.

Okay, so maybe we were not the brightest kids on the block, but we had an absolute blast playing in the rain (my mom wasn't the only one to send her kids out; we usually had another dozen or so kids out there with us). To this day, I still will walk the dogs in the rain. There have been only a few times that Kim has forbidden that I go outside because the weather was too dicey.

Lastly, just last summer, there was day that Kim and I had started some little gardening project, putting some plants in. Well, it started raining, and we added a few more projects. It was about four hours later before we went in for lunch and dry clothes. It's never to late to play in the rain....

I think most of what I remember has already been covered but there was something my brothers and I (frequently on a rainy summer day) did and I’m not even sure if my mom will recall this. This was a game we did on our own in the confines of the ‘kid’ basement. I’m also not sure that you will actually want to recreate the game as a parent but we loved it. We called it simply ‘Spider Webs.’ We would take a ball of craft yarn (the cheapy stuff ya know… not that homespun, organic, hand dyed wool my mom had hanging from the beams in the family room – I don’t think she was even willing to touch that). We would take one end and tie it to a table leg or something and then proceed to entangle the entire room in our web. From table, across the room to the plant hook on the ceiling, to the sofa leg, to the entertainment unit, to the bar stool... chris crossing as much as possible and making sure you went from floor to ceiling (or as high as you could find a good hold). It was important for later games to ensure that what you wrapped would stay in place… for example lamps were not a good anchoring device! After the entire ball of yarn was woven around the room (usually the basement) we would then play a sort of dare (who can turn on the tv? Who can get to the couch first? Etc. The whole point was to work your way around the room without touching the web. Now as an adult… whenever I see a movie with ‘professional thieves’ avoiding lasers (Entrapment, Ocean’s Twelve, etc) it always reminds me of our Spider Webs. Falling on the web was inevitable at some point (hence not wanting it to pull the lamp down on yourself).

So far we haven’t had much rain this spring but I know it’s coming. I really liked your suggestion for kids to investigate other parts of the world that have different weather than us. I’m all about global right now. Thankfully I’m not alone. I think it’s always important for kids to understand what’s going on around the world and get a little more comfortable with other regions. We are notorious for sucking at that in this country although I think that is really beginning to change. I don’t think we have a choice.

I loved the idea of making a family Rosetta Stone! It’s the kind of thing my eldest would love to do. I thought it was an incredible idea that we could write messages to one another that others didn’t understand, like notes left in bookbags and such.

When I heard the suggestion to dance it made me think of the comment someone wrote last week about modern dance. What a great way to bring dance into the house, and a good work out for everyone, too!

Rainy days in our house is a great time for guilt free reading. I like to parent by modeling and what better way to encourage reading than to read yourself? (It also gives me a chance for some serious curl up on the couch time!) When my kids were younger I did a ton of reading out loud to them. As they’ve gotten older they can do more of their own reading but we still like to read out loud together.

My brother use to say he thought the rain bubbles looked like pimples popping. I like your imagery better 8)

First off, the sun is shining for the first time in days! We had 6" of snow over the weekend. :-( Anyway, I've been hoping for rain, not snow, for awhile now.

Hmmm, things we do during the rain. We do a lot of crafts like painting, coloring, etc. We will do play-doh, too! We also will rent movies that we haven't seen and have popcorn, pop (a rarity in this house) and other snacks. I have never thought of a scavenger hunt, either! That's a great idea and one I'll steal, as well as the rain drop. Those are so pretty!

If it's nice enough, we'll still go out in the rain to play. I LOVE to play in the rain or just walk around and take it all in. There's nothing like the sounds and smells of a nice rain.

Now, to just get some rain here in WI instead of snow...

Thanks for the slew of ideas! I plan to try them all, except the rosetta stone. My kids are still to young for that one. I especially liked the indoor scavenger hunt. I wouldn’t have thought of that. And the raindrop is so cute. We will definitely make some of those. Also I love Singing in the Rain. My mom loved musicals and we watched a ton of them. My kids are already familiar with many of my favorites. My favorite was 7 Brides for 7 Brothers. I think I was intrigued by so many siblings!

When I was a child my mother would occasionally bring out her collection of trolls. She had a ton of them. (You know the little plastic guys with the long bushy hair?) She would only bring them out at special times like when I was sick or stuck in the house all day. I’d spend hours making clothes for them (which meant cutting a circle in the middle of a rectangle of fabric and making yarn belts). I know they still make them and I’ve been tempted to buy some for the kids but it is one of the few toys my mom keeps at her house so it is special to my kids to play with them over there so I don’t think I will.

I love the spring but living in Chicago it begins my fretting about storms and tornados! One of the special things I do with my kids during rainy days is to have a picnic in the basement or the camp out. (We actually use pop up tents.) This is my way of getting them to play in the basement or even to sleep down there without freaking them out when there are tornado watches!

BTW Have you opened your paints yet, Kim? I want to here that you have?

When I was growing up my mom was, actually still is, a waitress. “Paper money” was put away to help pay bills but she dumped the coins into this big stone crock. This was our guilt free spending money and it could really add up. We’d use it for little trips or to buy a new television, etc. We would only count the money in the summer. It became my rainy day activity in the summer to roll coins. For a kid it could take me days! When we got it all added up we’d decide what we would do with it. My mom got me my first job working at the restaurant she worked at. I continued to wait tables through college. I got in the habit of doing the same thing. This guilt free money bought my homecoming and prom dresses. It helped me learn about saving money. I still do the same thing today. I get teased by my friends because I carry cash and I never use the change that accumulates in the bottom of my purse, I always break new bills. The change goes into a jar I keep at home. I think this would be a great thing to do with kids today. It helps them learn the value of saving and money.

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