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By Kimara - Posted on 29 April 2008

            Okay, so I have a bazillion excuses why I’m not going to post a blog this week ranging from the dog ate my blog to being sequestered as a star witness for the crime of the century. (If I put as much effort into writing a blog as I did into making up excuses I’d be done by now!) But the sad, and honest truth is, last week was my birthday and I got a ton of really fun, although potentially lethal birthday gifts, and I’ve been crafting my little heart out! My well intentioned, although momentarily forgetful family, gave me sharp, pointy objects. (After mishaps in the past they’ve been known to remove all sharp objects from my reach!) Tim bought me a wood carving set, and Michelle and the family bought me “stuff” for dry felting. I started out by taking a gouge out of my left palm with the carving tools, then when sufficient damage was done there, proceeded to put enough pin pricks in my thumb and finger to resemble at least 5 of the 12 Zodiac constellations! Trooper that I am, I persevered! I dry felted some gnome babies and carved very primitive cradles for them! I also made half a dozen new flower fairies to romp with the gnomes. To prove I haven’t been a total slacker this week, I’m including some pictures of the gnome house!


            I hope everyone had a glorious week, and hopefully, has been outside enjoying spring! Join me next week, same time, same place, for an honest to goodness, well thought out, and undoubtedly inspirational blog. Until then…be safe and enjoy your week!   














I like these work of art and it's by far impressive. Thank you for sharing it here, glad to read this post. - Nova Science Publishers

All I did for the big hats was cut out a circle with about a 3" diameter. (Used something round that was sitting on my desk!) Then I traced a 1 1/2" diameter circle in the middle. Using a running stitch I outlined the inner circle. I then gathered it until it fit nicely on their heads. I tied them off and glued them on their heads, tilted toward the back. (If you want to embroider on them do it before you gather the hats.) For the little guys I cut out 1" circles (soda cap!) and put in a running stitch very close to the edge. Again, I gathered the cap until it fit nicely on their heads, tied it off, and glued it on. They really are quite easy. Biggest thing to remember is to make sure you evenly space the gathers around the hat/cap. Good luck and have fun :)

Thanks Tina and Kim for your suggestions. I've looked at the book Felt Wee Folks, my sister has it. I haven't made any yet but I want to. I really wanted to make the wood based flower fairies. I have been playing with a design. I'm happy with the bodies but having problems with the hats. Suggestions, Kim?

Ooohh...scary. ((Insert Twilight Zone theme song)) Yes, the Felt Wee Folk are more delicate than the Gnomes. So, it sort of depends on what you are going for. That's a good idea though to modify a "gnome" with wooden base into a flower fairy by adding different clothes and hats. Hmm...I have that gnome tutorial on my blog, might need to make some flower gnomes and make a companion tutorial.

Tina...I think we're in some parallel universe…I just ordered the Felt Wee Folks book! I’ve made 2 fairies (if you look closely you can see them in the tree the baskets are hanging on). They were great fun to make. I find the gnomes/flower fairies with the wooden bases are easier for the little hands, but the older kids really like how bendable the other ones are. Maureen, if you haven’t seen the book, it really is neat. Thanks for suggesting it, Tina.

Maureen, have you tried making "Felt Wee Folk"? They are little people with armatures made out of pipe cleaners, and wrapped in embroidery floss. Then, you make clothing for them, put on little wooden heads and acorn caps. Search on Amazon for "Felt Wee Folk" by Salley Mavor. The book is great! I checked it out of the library, and then decided it was worth purchasing. Oh! and Welcome to posting!

Hi Maureen,
Nice to have you with us. Actually, I didn't have a pattern for the flower fairies. I started by wrapping the wooden body with felt just like the gnomes. Then, I just started "eye balling" them, cutting here, tucking there, etc. They became more eleborate as I went on. EVENTUALLY, I will have a craft site where I'll include patterns, just haven't gotten that far yet! For the time being, sounds like you're crafty...I'm sure if you just start playing with them you'll be turning out some really cute and unique fairies of your own :) Good luck!

Hi. I read your blog often and enjoy it. I love your gnome house. We got one for our children this past Christmas and it's the one toy they play with every day. I've found patterns for the gnomes and we've made lots of them, but I went on line looking for a pattern for the flower fairies and I haven't seen them anywhere. I also tried to find somewhere I could buy some and I haven't found them. Where did you get your pattern? Mind linking me the website? Thanks.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! It does sound like you had a great day. Your gnome house is incredible. I went and looked at them at Magic Cabin and Three Sisters Toys. They sure are expensive to buy! It's nice to be talented and make things for yourself. Is there anything you don't do (besides watercolors!) Be care with your new toys but have fun!

I am VERY lucky because Tim is so handy. We had a blast making our own house, with branches from trees in our backyard. Everything is natural...we stained the wood with coffee and a stain I made from blackwalnuts we gathered. I then finished the wood with an olive oil and beeswax finish. I like to say you could eat it if you were in a pinch :) Anyway, check out doll houses at Magic Cabin...they are one of the stores I have an affilliation with. (Their banner is on the side of the blog.) I love all their toys and that is where I originally got the idea for the house. The kids LOVE it and play with it all the time. Eventually, I plan to have a craft blog that will feature all things gnome, including how to make the house. If you can't wait, it is a wonderful toy!

Happy Birthday! It sounds like your birthday was a success if you've been having so much fun with the new "toys". The needle felting equipment will be a nice complement to the wet felting that you have been doing. It's a great technique for adding embellishments to a wet felted bag, for instance. The gnome house is so amazing. It looks like the gnomes have been having fun decorating for spring! (Sarah, Kim and Tim MADE it! Isn't it amazing?? Three Sisters Toys sells a very nice treehouse:

First off HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hope you had a great day. Then OMG!!! What an incredible gnome house! You said you made some flower fairies, did you make the gnomes too? And where did you get the house? I'd love to have a gnome house for the kids. And be careful with your new pointy toys. We wouldn't want you to hurt your hands and not be able to blog ;) Have a great week all!