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By Kimara - Posted on 19 June 2008

     BTW...In case anyone is interested in creating their own avatar (a little icon that will appear by your name whenever you sign into a site that supports avatars and you use your email address) go to Many sites have free avatars you can copy or you can create your own. Have fun :) 

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Very cute avatar Cheryl. Tim and I saw a rainbow the other day. We were comment how long it's been since we saw one. What is it about rainbows that make us smile? Maybe just their beauty!

Well, isn't this fun? Avatars are new to me too although I've always wondered how people got them! I like everyones ;)

Just a quick check and see that yours came through on my computer already Lisa. Cute! Cat lover, are we :)

I am so not a computer person. But when I saw everyone making avatars (a whole new word to me BTW) I didn't want to be left out so I implored DH to HELP! And he came through. Walked me through the whole process of finding an image and creating an avatar. I feel so with it ;) Hope this works but judging by other people's comments their may be some delay. Fingers crossed!

I think Gravatar must have a delay system or was justing having problems yesterday because everyone's avatar is coming through today...yeh! And Tina, I have a pocket digital. Doesn't take as nice as pics as Michelles, but it fits so nicely in my back pocket so I always grab it when we don't want to be bogged down with Michelles...if you can afford it, I think it's worth having both. And I love the leaf, Mich! It looks like a wood carving.

Diggin' the squirrel avatar. Thanks for the link. I can see Tim's puppy, but Sarah and Michelle's are still quilt squares. Thanks for the blog plug. :-) I just posted a pic of J in his cute birthday crown! Too bad the picture is awful.....hopefully Canon won't take 3 months to return my camera that is under warranty. I almost bought a cheap $100 pocket digital camera because I hate so much to be without! Especially with J's birthday party this weekend. I bought some disposables for $10 instead.


testing a different email address

Hmm I keep getting errors on the Gravatar page... it doesn't seem to be saving my settings. I will play with it again later.

Ok, testing this out.
BTW... I can see Tina's but not Sarah's atm.

Ah, your squirrel, Tina, so cute. BTW...for anyone who hasn't been to Tina's craft blog you should check it out... She has lots of cute ideas and great links! Just talked to Tim, not sure why Sarah's avatar isn't showing up on your computer. It is on mine, along with yours. Tim said it may just take a while...he didn't think there was any special setting you needed on your own computer...we see avatars all the time. Check it out later. Or maybe the next time she posts. Sarah, are you viewing it on your computer? We'll see. All new stuff!

I only see a quilt square for all of Sarah's posts? I just uploaded mine so it probably won't show up yet. I guess we'll see.

Going to try this again ;) It is impressionistic, my favorite style. It's a painting by Monet, my favorite artist, and the painting is called The Artist's Garden at Giverny. It is so very tiny tho. But you're right, the colors are pretty and I know what it is.

BTW...the icon is small but looks impressionistic. What picture/painting is it? Very lovely colors!

Got 2 posting...the first one has your avatar, the second one does not. I think there is some lag between when you create one and when it is released. If you made a comment right after you made it, it just not have caught up. The second is the old quilt probably didn't put your email address on that one. Feel free to try again, Tim says it should be fine from now on!

:( hmmm, didn't work. I'll have to check and see if I did it right.

Just trying out the avatar. Always wondered how people got them. Thanks!