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I Hab a Code in My Node!

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By Kimara - Posted on 09 September 2008

            This is what happens when I wait ‘til Monday night to write my blog…something always happens! Then, I’m up into the wee hours trying to write something creative under duress or propped up at my desk Tuesday morning at the crack of dawn cursing myself for swearing off coffee. (4 months caffeine free and trying to remember why I’m doing this!) Anyway, I’ve been running all day long; first a 5 hour stint with my mom at the doctors, then sitting on the bleachers watching my grandson’s Tae Kwon Do, and finally, being caught in a cold rain. At about 6:30 p.m., I started aching, my throat started hurting, my nose started flowing like Niagara Falls and I have an overwhelming desire to hedgehog on the couch. By Jove, I think I’m sick! So, this my friends IS this week’s blog. Not a shining moment for me, BUT have you ever tried staring at a computer screen when some virus is playing bongo drums on the back of your eyeballs?

            So here’s my question for the week…what natural remedies do you utilize to ward off or lessen the common cold.? BTW…in my opinion whiskey IS a natural remedy! Please share your tried and true ways to confront yourself when the flu bug hits…uh, asap, please!

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It's really hard to do work when we are not feeling well. Having enough rest would be a good help. - Paramount Song

You must be feeling better by now, sorry I didn't get to this last week. I sleep as much as possible, drinks TONS of water and make sure I remember to take my vitamin nightly. It seems to work, for me anyway.

And I thought of you the other night when my hubby asked for....chilli! Yep, fall's here!

:( Sorry you're sick! I'm not one to give any natural advice! The minute I get sick I start popping everything in hopes that anything works! I do not handle sickness well at all. Typically, I keep a bottle of NightQuil at arms reach and take it morning, noon and night! Not suppose to take it that often, but I go mad if I'm all congested! I also kick the temp in the house up and of course, sleep! Feel better soon!

Hope you feel better soon! Hot tea? Sleep? Those Airborne tablets that aren't supposed to work but seem to anyway (placebo effect)?

Oh, sorry you're sick Kim! And I completely understand playing bongos on your eyes. That's always my first sign that I'm getting sick! My natural remedy is a healthy dose of DH! He has the ability to work at home from time to time, so if I'm really sick, a temp over 100 in his eyes, he'll stay home. Then I sleep and sleep and sleep. There are times when I've nursed the troops through some yuck thing that I actually hope I get sick so I can rest! Since you're an empty nester I guess you can sleep the day away if need be. So, get plenty of rest, have a great week, and hopefully you'll be recovered for next weeks blog! BTW, if you're still sick next week I'll expect a note from your doctor ;)