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Temporary Hiatus

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By Kimara - Posted on 23 September 2008

Hope everyone had a great week. Tim and I went to visit the kids in Wisconsin and had a wonderful trip. It’s always so hard to say goodbye, but they’ll be home in a few weeks for our annual Pumpkin Carving Party so it kind of softens the blow.

I just wanted everyone to know that I am taking a temporary hiatus from One Generation to Another. As many of you know, Michelle and I started a craft blog, Wee Folk Art and that needs quite a bit of attention right now to get it started. Also, I’ve wanted to give One Generation a bit of a face lift, a slightly different format, and a different hosting site so I’ll be using the next few weeks to regroup.

I have so enjoyed meeting and becoming friends with so many of you. Please feel free to drop in at Wee Folk Art anytime. Michelle or I usually post every day, and although it is a “craft” blog, we also talk about family and friends. If you’d like me to notify you when One Generation is up and running again, just post a comment, and make sure to include your email address under your name. (If you do this on the lines provided on the comment form, it will not show up in the comment itself.) Or drop me a line through CONTACT.

This is not goodbye, just “see you later”. I wish everyone well, and please, feel free to contact me anytime through the site. I will not be taking it down until I have the new site up and running. I wish to thank everyone who’s stopped by and shared the last year with me, especially those of you that were frequent contributors. Be “seeing” you all soon.

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DON'T BE GONE LONG!!! I will definetly miss your weekly smile! Please let me know when you're back up and running. Like Sarah I'm not much of a crafter. Been knitting, but that's about all. But I will be stopping by Wee Folk Art just to "hear" your voice ;) Good luck Kim and Michelle!

Good luck with the re-vamp! Keep us posted!

I don't read very many blogs and I've never posted on yours, but I've really enjoy it. Don't stay away long and please let me know when you start blogging again. Thanks.

8( I was afraid when you started a new blog you might give this one up. I'll definetly stop by Wee Folk Art (cute name BTW) but not being a crafter I'm afraid I won't have much to contribute! I'm going to hold you to bringing One Generation up again before long. Definetly email me when you've moved the blog and done some moving of furniture! I'll probably use the next few Tuesday mornings to reread some of your old blogs! Good luck with everything and thanks for all the help you've been. Looking forward to you resurfacing soon.