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Might As Well Face It, I'm Addicted To Blog

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By Kimara - Posted on 02 October 2008

Okay, my hiatus was more like a weekend away! Couple of weeks without blogging, and I’m stockpiling things I want to write about! I do plan to change things a bit, tho. First off, I thought it was imperative that I set up a schedule for myself. Blog every Tuesday…come rain or shine! It has occurred to me that no one is paying me to write, I don’t have an editor breathing down my neck, and my only deadlines are self imposed! Phooey to that! I’m going to write when I feel like writing…sometimes more, sometimes less, whenever those ol’ creative juices are flowing.

Next, I don’t want to limit myself to the format I’ve been using. I’ve been writing the blog as if my elementary school teacher doled out an assignment. “Today, children, I’d like you to write a 750 word essay on what you did over Thanksgiving break.” Looking back, my blogs all seemed to fit neatly on a page and a half, and could easily slip into a weekly column at a very small, and undoubtedly disreputable, local newspaper! I want to be free to post a three line commentary and not feel guilt for failing to produce a worthy blog. Again, all standards imposed by myself, for myself, and completely unnecessary!

Then, there’s the whole great big internet out there that I want to tap into. There are often times when I come across blogs or sites that I find filled with ideas I’d like to share or just document. I will be including more links and snippets of other people’s scathingly brilliant ideas, memorabilia from my past, or contemporary happenings that speak to me.

Not as direly important, but inevitable, I want to change the look. When my daughter originally designed the blog, I said “Make it look like me”, and she did. However, going back to an old blog, The Living House, my home is constantly evolving…I get bored if things remain the same for too long. So, I will once again wave my programming ignorance in my daughter’s face, and ask her to spend some time revamping the site. I’ve spent my life living in redecorating chaos, so I suppose there is no point in “closing up shop” while the work is being done. So, in advance, forgive the mess when the process starts, and know this is what happens to Living Blogs! 

Finally, I want to get back to my original blog ethos…this blog is primarily a legacy of love for my children and grandchildren. I’m not out to be the most popular blog on the block, and I don’t need a massive readership. Don’t get me wrong….I LOVE having new and old friends join in. I like sharing with others and “handing down more than the silverware”! I think each generation is like a snowball rolling down a hill…it picks up more and more snow on its journey, until, at the bottom, it is massive. Just think of me as a giant snowball! I am hopeful, that on my journey downhill, I’ve managed to pick up some valuable ideas, and if I’m able to share a bit with others, then it will have made the ride, not only fun, but worthwhile.

So, I’m back, although I’ve hardly been gone long enough to be missed, but long enough to address a few issues that I have been wrestling with! Please continue to post, share the blog with anyone you think might enjoy it, and know you are welcome!

Sigh…looks like my elementary teacher would be proud of me…I’ve managed to turn out a cookie cutter blog! Ah, well, change takes time, right? Anyway, just to prove that my desire to change is in earnest, I’ve included a little musical interlude, the inspiration for my blog’s title!

I have the same passion and interest and really blogging is forever be amazing and exciting. - Marla Ahlgrimm

Looking forward to seeing what other changes you make to the blog! I like the owls. It has a nice, clean look.

WOW! I thought I was at the wrong blog! We’re still computerless around here so I don’t get much chance to get on line. I love it, although I liked your old blog, too. Anyway, I’ve always enjoyed your blog but I’m sure I’ll continue to like it no matter what format it takes. So go crazy, have fun, and thanks for sharing! Love the song. Lots of memories ;)

TeeHee! I knew, well I hoped, you wouldn't be gone long. Thanks for the email! You are right, there is no reason you should stress out over your blog. You should be able to write when and what you want to write. I'm in such a habit of checking Tuesday mornings it might take me a while a change too! OMG that video was like the first I ever saw on MTV. Not a shocker that we didn't get cable and I was FORBIDDEN to watch MTV. My mom was conveniced it was the devil's station. Hmm, maybe she was right?!! So of course I watched MTV at all my friend's house. Thanks for the memory and welcome back no matter how short your absense has been!

BTW I have the vision of your face and hands and feet sticking out of a humongous snowball! I think you picked up lots of good stuff on your way down, but here's hoping you still have a long way to roll!