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2 Men, 4 Duffle Bags and a Goose

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By Kimara - Posted on 18 November 2008

On Saturday Tim was heading over to his daughter's new house to do some plumbing stuff. Since there was no heat on in the house yet, and the toilets didn't flush, I wussed out, stayed home where it was warm, and worked at my desk. So, I get this call from Tim. 

Tim: I just saw the weirdest thing.

Me: Yes? 

Tim: I'm driving down the expressway, and on the side of the road I see 2 guys, 4 duffle bags, and a goose.

Me: A noose?

Tim: No, a goose.

Me: There's a goose traveling with 2 guys and 4 duffle bags?

Tim: My point exactly! You don't see that every day.

Me: No, you sure don't. Have to wonder if they all planned this trip together or just hooked up along the way.

Tim: Yeah, maybe they're heading home for Thanksgiving. If so, this can't end well for the goose.

Me: Or maybe they just hooked up in a bar last night, hit it off, and decided to travel together. But you have to wonder whether the goose is an asset or a liability for getting rides.

Tim: Well, maybe they brought the goose along because they thought he'd be good at picking up chicks!

Me: Hmmm...that's probably it.

Tim: Yeah. Well, talk to you later.

Me: K, bye.

I hung up the phone, with a smile that threatened to strain the muscles in my jaw. I had an image in my mind that I couldn't let go of. It got me to thinking of all those little tableaus we see throughout our lives, fleeting glimpses, vignettes if you will, of other people's lives. Real people, real events, that we share but for a moment, and then they are gone forever. Case in point, we'll never know where the unlikely trio was heading...truth be told, and this is NOT a scenario I care to entertain in any depth...they may not have been a bona fide traveling entourage. It may have been pure happenstance that brought the 2 guys, 4 duffle bags and a goose together, and once out of Tim's view, parted company. And my point...we can only wonder.

I can remember when I was a young girl, perhaps 6 or 7 years old, I was on an auto excursion with the family. I can remember looking out the window at the people in other cars. At one stop light I looked over at the car next to us. Looking directly at me was a boy in the back seat. He was older than me, maybe 9 or 10, and our eyes connected. We held each other's glance, expressionless, until the light changed, and our visual contact was severed by the flow of traffic. I think it was the very first time I became truly cognizant of the existence of other people. It hit me that here was another human being, this boy that had his own thoughts, his own life...a life I would never be a part of. He'd go to his home, play with his friends and be tucked in bed that night by his parents. I would NEVER again see him, but he would continue to exist! I was overwhelmed by a sense of irrational panic. At the ripe age of 6, I realized I was not the center of the universe! That other people lived lives, had stories and thoughts that I would never be a part of.

I think that's part of the phenomenal appeal of blogs. It makes us privy to another human being's inner thoughts. We don't have to wonder or speculate about the musings of someone, they tell us. We aren't given a fleeting glance of someone else's life, only to be cruelly removed from their presence, left wanting for greater understanding. In blogs a flustered mom actually tells us what was going through her mind when her youngest toppled the apple display at the grocery store setting 67 Gala apples free to scurry about the aisle. Or the textile artist explains what inspired the use of vintage bow ties in constructing a messenger bag. And the budding author, traveling cross country in hopes of gathering enough insights and experiences to become the next Kurt Vonnegut or Mark Twain recounts his adventures of being a member of a traveling entourage consisting of 2 guys, 4 duffle bags and a goose.

But life is not a blog and will continue to offer vignettes of other people's lives; both the mundane and the ludicrous. Over the years I have come to accept my isolation from most of humanity, but there are times when a scene begs for explanation, and when one doesn't present itself, I have a tendency to invent...hmmm...perhaps "speculate" is a better choice of words... a plausible explanation. The aforementioned trio was, in fact, traveling together. Prompted by the goose's fear of flying, the 2 brothers, were escorting Sheldon (the goose's given name) down to Florida for the winter. Perhaps my explanation sounds more preposterous than the scene itself, but in my world, it IS a plausible explanation! I hope they got there safely!

Life is an enchanting story; I hope you know how to read!  

Such a nice story to read. I like reading this, it's really worth the time. - Flemings Ultimate Garage

I like to wonder where people are going when I am traveling myself. Like driving down the freeway, or in the airport. That person in the car next to you. Where are they going? What are they doing? The person behind you in line at security. Are they going on vacation? Work? It's interesting to ponder what is going on in the lives of the many people who surround us every day.

Yes, I've missed my weekly routine of posting on Tuesday, so that's the go back to posting every Tuesday. Fingers crossed, I'll find the time. Glad I've been missed!

You're back :) It was wonderful reading your witty little blog. I laughed out loud, thanks! Boy, when I was 6 years old I never would have stumbled upon that revelation. As a matter of fact DH still accuses me of thinking I am the center of the universe ;) Aren't I? LOL! Hope you're around to stay. Noticed this was posted on a Tuesday. Back to writing on Tuesdays, I hope, I hope? Have a great week all!

Hmm... I'm not sure which I find more disconcerting... the goose traveling with or dare I ask what was in the 4 duffel bags?! LOL - fun to ponder.

I am frequently hit with wonder when traveling when you see one of those lone homes off the highway, or down an winding dirt road (or whatever). There are people living there. They come home from work, kick off their shoes, cook dinner, play with the kids, etc... in that place. A whole life going on as you just wiz by in the car. And I often wonder what it would be like to call that place home.