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The Joys of Christmas Past

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By Kimara - Posted on 22 December 2008

Our house has seen a flurry of holiday activity since last Monday when our youngest came home from college. Truth be told, it started well before that as we made ready for the onslaught, but the actual joyful invasion has been streaming in over the past week. It is now 6:30 a.m. and Tim and I are just about to head out for our Christmas Dinner grocery shopping excursion, and I'm willing to bet we'll be back before the first of the brood stumbles out of bed on a quest for their morning!

At Christmas I'm always transported back in time. My memories return to a time when my grandparents were alive and still young...or at least energetic...I suppose they were probably mine and Tim's age! I can see my beautiful mother, in a holiday apron, business in the kitchen making magic. My father was usually consumed with the undaunted task of keeping all the Christmas lights...well, lit! I then scurry 20 years beyond that to a time when I am surrounded by my own babes, consumed with the joy of the holidays. It was during one of those Christmas times, when I was looking back, reflecting on the joys of Christmas past, that I penned a little poem.

The Joys of Christmas Past

The joys of Christmas past, can barely last,

When compared with my joy today.

When surrounded by, though just knee high,

My babies make this day.

I now understand, the feeling grand,

That Mary felt that day.

To see her child, both meek and mild,

Lying on the hay.

For all is right, this Holy Night,

As Mary could convey.

As days of old, it still is told,

God's children make this day.

I would like to wish everyone a blessed and joyous Christmas, and pray that you too, are surrounded by those you love! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

BTW...I'll be "off" the next 2 weeks enjoying the holidays with the family. I'll be back, Tuesday, January 5, 2009! Enjoy!

There is no question of how happy it is to celebrate Christmas season together with family and friends. - Nova Science Publishers

Just broke away from all the chaos around here to read your blog. Very lovely poem. It's funny but ever since I had my children I have felt closer to God. I'm not sure if it's because I can relate better to him as a parent or if it's because I feel I need all the help I can get! But, like your poem said, there are no Christmases in my past that compare to sharing Christmas with my own children.

MERRY CHRISTMAS, Kim and all the blessings of the season.