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I'm Puzzled

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By Kimara - Posted on 12 January 2009

I have started writing this week's blog several times and words are failing me. Today my daughter and I were having a lovely conversation while all three grandbabies were busy playing downstairs. These quiet times are a precious gift that we do not often get. But, when we went downstairs to collect said children, this is what we found.

I have just a couple of comments to make before I head downstairs and start shoveling. First, a flat, 2 dimensional photo cannot truly represent the cataclysmic disaster that results from a 2 year old dumping 32 puzzles on the floor. And second, when the mayhem was discovered, the aforementioned 2 year old sat perched on top of the stack with a puzzle board in 1 hand and 1 lone puzzle piece in her other hand and enthusiastically waved us of off say, "No, Pixie do it!"

Sometimes ya just have to laugh.


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On-No! Why am I not surprised? With Pixie's engineering skills, and given enough time, she would have put them back together!

OMG! My first thought was who has that many puzzles? Then I remembered you were a preschool teacher and kept your stuff. My second thoughts was, it's not shocking that this happened, it's shocking that it doesn't happen each and every time the kiddos are in your playroom. And third, that's how my playroom always looks. Might not be puzzles but it doesn't take my youngest more than 5 unsupervised minutes before pure chaos. Hehe! I'll be interested to know actual clock time to restore order. Please tell me you are not putting every puzzle together? If possible, have a good week all!

LOL - I think it is somewhere in the 100-1 relationship. 2 adults, 3 hours and it still isn't done.

My mother prides herself on the fact that not a single puzzle piece went missing in all her years of teaching. Hundreds of kids used them just fine... my three on the other hand can whip through the basement like a tornado. Of course she never left her room full of preschoolers unattended where I am more than happy to get a quiet hour while the kids are downstairs minding their own business.

The funny part was that Pixie girl looked so sincere in her resolve that she could fix the mess. "Hang on guys - there is no problem here. I've got it all under control." She is my little puzzler and I'm sure she would have given it an honest try.

I'm curious as to the relationship between the amount of time it takes a 2yo to make such a disaster and the amount of time it takes the adult to clean up said disaster. I have a feeling that it's very unevenly skewed in favor of the 2yo. You needed to check all those puzzles to make sure none were missing pieces anyway, right?