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Gone, but not forgotten

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By Kimara - Posted on 29 June 2009

Okay... Don't you hate it when you stumble upon a blog, through divine intervention or happenstance, and fall madly in love with it, only to realize that the author has not contributed anything for months... maybe even years. "Bad form", I scream! "I enjoy your blog. What right do you have to stop? I was never consulted." When a blog you enjoy closes up shop, we all experience a sense of loss. It's like a friend moving to another country, and leaving no means of getting in touch with them. Just like our fascination with obscure childhood television stars of our youth, we want to know "Where are they now?" To quote Edward Cullen, "I hope you enjoy disappointment." In the blog world, we aren't always given the final chapter!

Blogs give us insight into other people's lives. Sometime they are chatty, sometimes they are helpful, but all the great ones are personable. We want to "hang out" with the author. We develop a sense of friendship, even though it is often one sided. We get to know the author, and begin to anticipate how they will react in a given situation. We feel their pains and share their jubilations. I guess that's a large part of friendship, isn't it? But just like the "real world", sometimes we have to say goodbye and wish our friend good luck.

I do wonder what's become of the authors of some of the blogs I enjoyed. Did they take on new responsibilities that put time restraints on their blog time? Did they just grow weary and decide to go on hiatus... indefinitely? Heck, were they abducted by aliens? We may never know. BUT I would like to send out a generic "Thank you" to everyone out there that has written blogs that I enjoy reading. You have brightened my days with witty repartee, shared recipes for delicious meals, taught me some new crafting techniques, shared your take on recently read novels, and generally, enhanced my life. If it is time for you to move on, I wish you well. If you decide to come back, I'll be waiting. That is, after all, what friends do, right?  

BTW and FYI... This was not a preamble to telling you I am leaving the blog world. I am not closing up shop, although "reliability" hasn't been a catch word with me lately... at least not here at One Gen! No. It's just that recently a couple of well read and enjoyed blogs have grown quiet and it's given me pause, and cause, to wonder... Anyway, hope everyone is having a lovely summer and doing some "living in the moment"!   


I do appreciate this thoughtful message. It inspires me to do things that I really like to do. - Marla Ahlgrimm

That's exactly how I feel when you go quiet from time to time ;D There's also this painting blog that I went to that the guy just stopped. He was very prolific for a while and I really enjoyed his zen approach to creativity. Then, poof, gone! I'm thinking he just got tired of it or busy because he still runs an online business.

Hehe. I love that you quoted Edward. Have a great week, or 2 or month, or however long you go before you blog again, dear "friend"!

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