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Stumbled Upon

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By Kimara - Posted on 30 August 2009

I love it when you stumble upon an old recipe that you haven't made in years. It may not have been a favorite recipe, but one that was tried and true... required little effort... and seldom let you down. Let’s face it, it wasn’t a beloved recipe, if it was, you wouldn’t have stop making it. But for one reason or another, you drifted. It probably happened slowly, over time. Another similar recipe stepped in and competed for your attention, and little by little, it was replaced. In the end, you didn’t even realize you stopped making it. Then, one day, years later, you think about it. Hmmm… you ponder… I wonder if it was as good as I remember. So, you take the time, seek out the recipe, and smile as you are flooded with memories.

“Oh, yeah. I got this recipe from… oh, what was her name? She had that weird husband that use to make that strange clucking sound when we played cards. God, and that dog of hers! It smelled like, well dog, to the nth degree! It’s going to drive me crazy ‘til I remember her name!”
“I remember I made these for Missy’s Girl Scout Troop and they gobbled them up.”
“The kids were so young when I made these. Drew couldn’t have been more than 7. I wonder if they’ll even remember them.”

So, you dust off the recipe card and add it to your on-line recipes. (The last time you made them you didn’t have internet… does THAT say something?) And you make this lost, but found again, recipe. Time will tell whether or not it becomes a favorite that you make on a regular basis, or if you make it this one more time, remember why you fell away in the first place, AND remove it from your on-line recipe box. But love it or leave it, there is something satisfying about becoming reacquainted with a long lost recipe. It’s nostalgic, for sure, and in some cases, it’s a new beginning of a beautiful relationship!

Here’s the recipe that I stumbled upon. I remember now why I stopped making it. It can be rather temperamental. But I found I am more tolerant of recipes than I use to be. Occasionally, the granola bars don’t stick together well. But I’m okay with that. When it happens, I just crumble up the whole batch, and serve it as granola. It is totally yummy sprinkled on yogurt. So, let me introduce you to an old friend, one, by the way, that I plan to keep making.


2 cup oatmeal
3/4 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup butter (can use margarine, but I am not a fan)
1/2 cup whole almonds or other nuts (optional buy yummy)
1/2 teaspoon baking soda

Boil sugar, soda, and butter. Take off heat and stir in oatmeal. Spread in a well greased 8 inch pan. Bake at 350 for 7-10 minutes. Cut immediately but allow to cool in the pan.

Old friends, old recipes, there is something very satisfying with becoming reacquainted with both! Think about it. Is there an old recipe that you haven’t made in years? Maybe it’s time to give it a try… again!

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I love oatmeal. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I would like to try this. - Paramount Song

I will definitely make them, this weekend I predict! I will make them many times in the next few months. By summer we'll have moved on to something else, of course, but next fall I'll remember them, and how they made such a great portable breakfast when the weather turned colder. Then I'll think to myself, "I loved those! The kids just loved them too, and they were so healthy! Who was it? Where did that recipe come from?" And then I'll think to myself, oh, right, from that blog I love, that she didn't update nearly enough for my tastes, and then I'll make them again. :)
~ Mia

Made me stop and think which is something I don't make a habit of doing, hehe. My dish is Mango Meatloaf. I know it sounds like something you should forget but it was good. A bit of a sweet and sour thing going. I'm going to have to make it soon. BTW the mangos were in a sauce that went on it, not in the meatloaf itself!

...Well, well, well...what a neat blog this is! Do you mind if I put you on my blogroll? I work mornings, but I really want to come back here and read all your past notes. And I am feeling like we a kindred spirits.

Hootie (a.k.a Lisa) :)

The feeling IS mutual. Yes, of course add me to your blogroll :) Have a lovely morning!

Hehe... the thought of granola makes me laugh. Those of you who know my mom... or have hung around here for awhile are probably aware that our year revolved around the change of seasons in the fall... no New Years resolutions, no spring cleaning... all of this took place in the fall. Many years this also included a health food kick in which our pantry was rid of all sugary substances and in their places were giant mason jars, with cute labels, filled with granola, navy beans, wheat germ, etc. We would all sigh, knowing it would be short lived, brownie mixes would be allowed back into the house before too long but in the meantime... how to make something edible with what was left?! Kinda makes me think of the show Chopped... anyway... it is amazing what you can and can't make granola do. These bars were in fact one of the better treats. :)

All I can think of was this one pan goulashy sort of thing my roommates and I made in college. We'd mix a can of tomato soup, a can of mushroom soup, and a can of creamed corn. We'd serve it on spaghetti noodles. A couple of years ago I made some figuring my kids might like it. Pretty basic. GAG GAG GAG! Poverty and hunger must have dulled our tastebuds. The kids wouldn't eat. Neither would I. I was definitely a recipe to bury. DEEP. Hehe. But now that you got me thinking. My mom use to make these yummy brownies. There was a layer of marshmellow under the chocolate frosting. She hasn't made them since I was young, and I haven't thought of them in years. When I get done her I'm going to call her and see if she still has the recipe. We are going there for a Labor Day picnic. Maybe I can get her to make some. Yum (I think!)